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    Whether you're seeking a large-scale board gaming experience or an intimate roleplaying session, we have something tailored just for you.

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    Hosted Board Game Events

    Great for Parties or Corporate Team Building.

    Capacity: Up to 12 people

    Price: $400 per session, with an additional $25 per person beyond the base price.

    Duration: 3 hours

    Location: In-store or at your site (additional $100 travel fee for on-site events)

    Description: Engage your team with a variety of board games facilitated by our experienced guides. Perfect for enhancing teamwork, communication, and collaboration.

    Inclusions: 600+ board games to choose from, professional guides, focus on fun, teamwork and communication.

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    Professional Gamemastering

    Great with Friends or Corporate Team Building.

    Capacity: Up to 6 people

    Price: $400 per session with an additional $50 per person beyond the base price.

    Duration: 3 hours

    Location: In-store or at your site (additional $100 travel fee for on-site events)

    Description: Dive into a personalized roleplaying experience tailored to your specific needs. Led by Mo Al-Gailani, with over 10,000 hours of game mastering experience, these sessions not only entertain but it enhances problem-solving, creativity, and strategic thinking.

    Inclusions: Customized scenarios, professional game mastering, knows more than 20 roleplaying systems.

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    Meet Mo Al-Gailani

    Professional Gamemaster with over 10,000 hours of experience.

    For the past three years, I've turned my passion for storytelling into a career by running Dice Goblin, a vibrant hub for tabletop enthusiasts in Auckland. At Dice Goblin, I create engaging and dynamic roleplaying experiences that bring people together. Whether you're a seasoned player or a newcomer, I tailor each game to suit your needs, making every adventure unique and memorable.

    Additionally, I've been leading a board gaming group for neurodivergent teens and young adults, fostering a supportive and inclusive community.

  • What Our Players Are Saying

    Real Experiences from Our Immersive Roleplaying Sessions at Dice Goblin

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    Mo is a fantastic game master who is able to captivate anyone at his table. Over the years I have known and roleplayed with Mo, I have always had a wonderful time, regardless of type of game or the people participating.


    His ability to engage with everyone at the table, especially people new to roleplaying, creates a fun and interactive environment which in turn creates a fun and enjoyable experience every time I roleplay with him. In every campaign he has been a part of he has always approached it with enthusiasm and brought an infectious energy to the table.


    This allows the people roleplaying with him to feel as invested in the game as he is and create an atmosphere that draws everyone further into the roleplay. Overall Mo’s creativity, great attitude, and welcoming presence creates a fantastic safe roleplaying space for all levels of roleplayers.

    — Joseph Dillion

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    "I have known Mo of Dice Goblin, Auckland's ultimate gaming hub, for about two years now. We initially met when he was facilitating a board games group for neurodiverse teens.


    Mo is like the cool big brother you wish you had! A whole heap of fun! This space is completely inclusive of neurodiversity and LGBTQ+ friendly. That is something that is very hard to find. Be reassured and relax. You can just be yourself at Dice Goblin, no problem.


    Mo has a vast array of quality games on offer ... there is something for everyone. And there are always new things arriving too! Mo and Dice Goblin are the highlight of the week for many young people I know!"


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    Mo is an exceptional GM! I have been playing in (more than one of) his games for coming up to a year now and he has never disappointed!


    Both meticulously planned out sessions and his on the fly story lines are so full of intrigue it's hard to tell the difference and even though he runs over 5 games every week he manages to keep up with an interesting campaign.


    I am incredibly happy with my experience playing in Mo's games and am glad I chose to have my first D&D experience at his shop. Overall 10/10!

    — Leah Collins

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    My man Mo is the BEST! Such an underrated GM!


    Makes the world feel alive and the NPCs remeber what we did! Makes playing in his world mean something not like some module where your just completing x,y,z quest.


    If you haven't had a game with him yet please do, you wont be sorry!


    10/10 would recommend again!


    P.S. I play in 3 of his games every week!

    — Naoki

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    I have experienced Mo both as a Game Master and as a fellow player. I have seen what he can do behind the Game Master screen and as a participant in the game. He is a lot of fun in both roles, bringing characters to life and making their stories memorable.


    Mo exemplifies what a great Game Master should be. I have learned a lot from him and regularly incorporate his style into my own games.

    — Felix Grange

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    I have played with Mo for over six months now, and I love his adaptive style of play. He goes with the flow and ensures all our decisions matter.


    His "Rule of Cool" approach makes every session epic, fun, and thoroughly enjoyable.


    Mo has a way of bringing tension to a scene that keeps you on the edge of your seat.


    He is one of the best GMs I have ever had the pleasure to play with.

    — Haimish

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    I love roleplaying with Mo, and his emotional scenes are wonderful to experience. I have cried on multiple occasions due to the deep storytelling our characters go through.


    I appreciated how easy it was to get into the game when we were first introduced. We "learned through play," which was a fun way to learn without having to read the rules. He guided us excellently and leaves us with such cliffhangers that we can't wait to come back week after week!.

    — Tergus

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